Vin du Coq

Vin-du-Coq poster, Gaillac

Vin du Coq; do you know, the symbol of #Gaillac #wine is a cockerel? Maybe you know I have numerous spectacular Gaillac paintings available? All created in and around Gaillac S W France on my website. Refresh yourself  Vin du Coq Vin du coq, very good #wine though it is, this doesn’t translate quite as the Gaillacois intended … Read more

Charles-Octave Count DE NOBLET D’ANGLURE.


Mr. Charles-Octave Count DE NOBLET D’ANGLURE has finally lost the unequal struggle we all face. Mr. Charles-Octave Count DE NOBLET D’ANGLUREa finalement perdu la lutte inégale à laquelle nous sommes tous confrontés. My very sincere condolences go to the family and friends of Charles-Octave DE NOBLET in loving and grateful memory of a grand friend … Read more

Castle Mayragues (Château de Mayragues)

Mayragues today’s agenda including a visit to the 12 th century Château.

Mayrages that is, and my friend, proprietor Alan Geddes.

Chateau Mayragues,

Discover more via my page Gaillac Châteaux 

Chateau Mayragues
Mayragues, Château
This in part to buy some of their fabulous wine.
Mayragues is documented to have been wine making since at least 1609.
Expect something special !

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Castelenau de Montmiral Summer Offers from £1,500 or €, 40 x 50 cm (15¾” x 19¾”), These Castelenau paintings combine many techniques, including abstract passages, spatula work, glazing and thus represents fine examples of this versatile artist’s work and for you, very sound investments. Castelnau as painted here is one of many of experimental paintings … Read more