“Trees in a Breeze 1” , one of four in this series, all painted from the same spot on different days. Painted in oils ‘plien aire’, on location as one of a series, exploring colour vision and movement it measures 45 x 53 cm (18″ x 21″). Available. To acquire this painting or to commission … Read moreWoodland

Roman Wine?

Want to try wine the Romans drank?

How do you find a gift for a special for example a wealthy friend? A rare, interesting, delicious wine they simply can’t get is one answer.

Alian de la Castel de Brames
Alian de la Castel de Brames

At Castel de Brames yesterday evening

the heart of L’Occitane

buying wines made from some of the oldest vines in France, (mostly) for gifts.

Castel de Brames
Castel de Brames

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Queen’s Wine

The Queen’s Wine; “du vignoble de Gaillac”, at Domaine de la Chanade. 

Domaine de la Chanade
Domaine de la Chanade, note the olive trees

A chance invitation, a new friend and the Queen’s wine. 

The Queen's Wine, Galien.
The Queen’s Wine, Galien.

A chance encounter in Intermarche, Gaillac, the first day I arrived here in the Tarn, well actually one of 4, the other 3 were all people who remembered me, touched my heart, pleased to see I’d returned.

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La Fete

Spoilt for choice, it’s Party season here with a capital ‘P’, ‘Les Fetes’ in the beautiful Tarn, every village, town and hamlet offers ‘la Fete’, you really are spoilt for choice.
Last night I chose the Quai Saint Jacques at Gaillac, a lovely spot I know well.

Quai Saint Jaques, Gaillac
Quai Saint Jaques, Gaillac

I’ve painted there several times, most notably the meticulously researched historic reconstruction “Port of Gaillac 1863” and have several as yet unborn ideas in mind to two new gaillac paintings.

Port of Gaillac 1863
Port of Gaillac 1863

What ever, a beautiful ambience prevailed while most of the musique this year, and good it was too, was Arab/French and Afro-Caribbean.

Quai Saint Jaques,
Quai Saint Jaques, Gaillac

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Gaillac updated

Gaillac means wines, good foods, warm sun, seduction.

The heraldry of Gaillac
The heraldry of Gaillac


Alain Soreano, noted author, historian said of these Gaillac Collection paintings, “more than a match for anything in the Musee d’Orsay” ~  

All the pages relating to ‘Gaillac wine region‘ ( https://artfrickers.com/s-w-france/gaillac/) have been updated and repriced.

Texts have been much revised, some prices are up others are down.

Looking for the new masters of the 21 st century, the very best in modern painting investments?

You have found some here among my often astonishing paintings of South West France. 

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To Gaillac

Tomorrow I’m heading for Gaillac and Albi Tarn, a few chores to do and I hope catch up with some good friends.  I’ve given this Gaillac painting a major reworking, changes to colours tones and most noticeable, textures. You can discover the changes via page https://artfrickers.com/s-w-france/gaillac/. Just scroll down and click on the hyperlink under the photo … Read moreTo Gaillac