Portrait Painting as a gift & heirloom

Portrait Painting created to order for a gift & heirloom.

Portrait for a gift & family heirloom
Portrait for a gift & family heirloom

Portrait Painting as a gift & heirloom

25 x 38 cm (10″ x 15″) with oils as commissioned, by Gordon Frickers, a portrait paintings.

You could  commission a painting of this quality from as little as £750.00, phone, ask how.

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Joëlle Azemar grand merci pour ta peinture magnifique tu as fait des heureux“, sent via Facebook.

This study is produced during March 2015 from a rather unsatisfactory 6″ x 4″ photograph.


Auntie & Uncle's photo ...
Auntie & Uncle’s photo …

The photograph was enlarged sharpened, colour balanced and reprinted via the artist’s computer to produce images of sufficient quality to work from.

‘A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.’ Paul Cézanne, born on the 19 Jan 1839.

The picture was commissioned and intended to become a gift for the client’s much loved auntie

Auntie A
Auntie A

and uncle

Uncle A
Uncle A

I never met my subjects, it happens that way sometimes.

I was however able to improve on the composition and expressions of the couple and deliver this portrait painting in good time within budget.

Customer satisfaction ; “The painting is even more beautiful in person than online. I love the texture and the use of light“. “The painting arrived well wrapped and no worse for wear related to the journey”.

John J. Hogerty II Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Bergstrom Corporation of his newly acquired painting, 12.12.2022, quoted for you with his kind permission.

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