Carcassonne paintings

Carcassonne painting, atmospheric, poetic, romantic, an ideal way to remember this iconic monument, Carcassonne.

Carcassonne paintings
Carcassonne, painting sunrise over the Black Mountains

Carcassonne painting 76 x 121 cm (30″ x 48″),   2,575 £, a very special way to remember Carcassonne.

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Sunrise over the Black Mountains.

Where best to exhibit this large painting which is an opportunity for you?

This poetic painting is one of my fabulous South West France series, as yet never publicly exhibited.

A typical endorsement 12.12.2022 « It is even more beautiful in person than online. I love the texture and the use of light. It will be treasured by us as a memory of a great trip and will be the highlight of Morgan’s Christmas morning.

Quoted with the kind permission of John J. Hogerty, II

Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Bergstrom Corporation.

Carcassonne painting

Carcassonne with a sunrise over the Black Mountains.

The Black Mountains when you explore them may well remind you of tales of Middle Earth.

The Black Mountains are an extensive National Park, very ‘old France’, teaming with wildlife and history well worth exploring.

at sunrise, a splendid painting of the justifiably most famous monument between Monte Carlo and Bordeaux.

A perfect way to remember Carcassonne.

Carcassonne paintings
Carcassonne paintings a detail

Take a lunch or dinner in Carcassonne’s central place or stay in the luxurious hotel, you never know who you might meet.

Carcassonne is noted for the restaurants in the place central  which is one of the many reasons Carcassonne is often visited by distinguished personalities.

The long list of celebrities is as varied as Mark Twain, Walt Disney, Mik Jagger, and Winston Churchill.

Carcassonne is more than distinctive, Carcassonne is a legendary almost fairy tale city set among vines, pines, herbs and wild flowers in the beautiful Aude valley, hard by the sparkling Aude river between the Black Mountains and the Pyrenees in the heart of Cathar country.

If you’ve not been there you are in for a real treat.

Carcassonne painting
Carcassonne at sunrise, paintings a detail

The Black Mountains which form the background for this painting are an extensive National Park, very ‘old France, well worth exploring,

Gordon Frickers

These paintings have distinctive, resonating, enduring qualities in part because Gordon Frickers has an unusually rich form of colour vision.

These are qualities are gifts he has in common with some of the greatest past masters including Cézanne Degas, Dürer, Titian and Rembrandt, Monet.

Gordon Frickers is one of the very few artists invited to created a one man show of (35) paintings (May 2011) at the European Parliament, Brussels, an impressive addition to his list of exhibitions in other prestigious venues in Britain and Europe.

A voyage of discovery and surprises awaiting you as you discover the pleasures and amusements of old Carcassonne and the secret places that nestle in the forests and gorges of this region.

Not to be missed, you will likely find one to Carcassonne visit leaves you wanting more and this painting is your perfect souvenir.

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This because Gordon Frickers paintings have unique, enduring qualities.

A timeless painting to give you pleasure every time you see it upon your wall

A painting that will hang comfortably with the finest collections.

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