House painting

Chateau les Tonnelles, I have just edited the texts and written a description of the how the picture evolved, the magic employed. If you have ever wondered how to commission a painting, you will find valuable clues in the article as well as insights into how a ‘full’ on spot on painting is created. see … Read more

The Bourg

A painting once started, the pictures it reveals have a habit of turning into, err, well, a painting. The painting assimilates itself, resistance is impossible. Or is it? This study is intended to introduce the little know picturesque riverside village of Bourg in Haut Medoc in the Bordeaux region, to be part of the much … Read more

Blaye, Haut Medoc

You tell me? Painting progress, under painting or finished? This study of Blaye, Haut Medoc, will become one of the ‘Famous Wine Village of Bordeaux’ series but how and when? Having started to power in the result id full of possibilities, a day time scene, a busy evening at dusk with a fete? I plan … Read more

Bommes, don’T PANIC !

In the idyllic commune of Sauternes, I mean Bommes.

Bommes, don'T PANIC
Bommes, don’T PANIC

This picture, “Bommes, don’T PANIC”  is newly posted  painted a couple of years ago, this fine landscape painting measuring 40 x 50 cms (15¾” x 19¾”), oils, would look GREAT in any a home or office, who, where, reminding us to take more quality time in la belle France.

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How soon can you put on an exhibition?

I was framed! There was some social excitement here yesterday, in Gaillac to be more precise.  I had the very rare pleasure of seeing one of my photographs looking very smart, beautifully mounted and framed.

The prize giving for the photographic competition Concours Photos 2015, the subject was « Le jardin de tous les plaisirs » organised by the Médiation projets et publics Service Culture – Ville de Gaillac.

Gaillac, prize giving
Gaillac, prize giving

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