Rescue a Maiden ?

Calling all pirates, gentlemen, gentlewomen, for Maiden Rescue, who is a gallant, who will refuse to help maidens & mermaids when they cry for our help? Maiden Rescue. If you like the attached, by all means share, forward this poster. Together, let us help make this event a sell out and huge success. The more … Read more

“05 August Sunrise”, Sold

Sunrise, to become a gift for a lady born on the 5 th August.   A semi abstract painting produced ‘plien aire’ by Gordon Frickers, measuring 40 x 50 cms (15¾” x 19¾”), oils.   How would the colours, tones, form and composition reveal themselves?   “How long does it take to make a painting?” … Read more

Château de Saurs

House painting?

More to it than you might at first think. Page updated  new images and revised texts.

Château de Saurs, 17.05.17
Château de Saurs, 17.05.17

This beautiful painting, produced partly on location was much acclaimed by the Gaillac historian and author Alaine Sorreano, mentioned  more times than any of the other paintings in the collection when he introduced an inaugural showing of this collection at the Maison Culturale, Ville de Gaillac.

This elegant new painting in oils on canvas measures would make a worthy addition of any collection, private or public.

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May Day

May day, the first roses in my garden and happy memories of May Day’s long gone; on Hayes Common with my Mother, watching the fete, people dancing round an ornate May Pole (very ancient tradition…) of Padstow May Day and the ‘Obby ‘Orse dancers… also an ancient tradition…  Wishing you a beautiful, scented, memorable day … Read more