Sing to me?

Chateau de Saurs is beginning to come alive, to sing to me.

The painting is past the hardest part where it could be difficult to see the potential, this new painting in oils of Chateau de Saurs, Gaillac region of SW France is on a canvas measuring 76 x 121 cms (30″ x 48″), available ~ however a first refusal has been requested.

Chateau de Saurs, progress, 17.10.16
Chateau de Saurs, progress, 17.10.16

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Painting plien aire

I’m painting on location, yesterday Chateau Los Tours, tomorrow chateau de Saurs, poetic isn’t it! The series, ‘Vin, au Chateau, Gaillac’ for exhibition first in Gaillac, 1 st December to 30 th. Come and enjoy this beautiful, historic and little known region of France, voted to have the best quality of life in France. Discover … Read more

Near completed

98 % completed, “Chateau de Lacroix”, measuring 81 x 5 cms (32” x 23″), oils, available. For the Gaillac exhibition, with Service Culture de la ville de Gaillac. 80 place d’Hautpoul. 05 63 81 20 19 • culture Gaillac 1 st to 30 December. Discover more on

Painting progress

Chateau de Lacroix, progress, 05.10.16 Based on location visits and studies, I ammy imagination based on years of observation and numerous experimental studies made in this part of the Tarn province in the heart of l’Occitane to create this very S W France painting which is likely to quickly find a home when it si shown in … Read more

Can you spot any changes?

Spot any difference, 09.09.16 to today 03.10.16? Chateau de Lacoix, one of the Gaillac series, see and enjoy   It has been decided to name the Exhibition “Vin au chateau, Gaillac“. Consider yourself invited. At the invitation of the Cultural department of Gaillac the show will open be open, 1 st to 20 th … Read more