Six Legged elephant

Carcassonne paintings

I’ve resumed painting this week. J’ai repris la peinture cette semaine. The Six Legged Elephant painting is on the move, progressing (at last!), getting the architecture ‘right’ is time consuming, has to be done even as you will soon see, though I’ll loose most of it in the finished painting. La peinture de l’éléphant à … Read more

Vin du Coq

Vin-du-Coq poster, Gaillac

Vin du Coq; do you know, the symbol of #Gaillac #wine is a cockerel? Maybe you know I have numerous spectacular Gaillac paintings available? All created in and around Gaillac S W France on my website. Refresh yourself  Vin du Coq Vin du coq, very good #wine though it is, this doesn’t translate quite as the Gaillacois intended … Read more

Charles-Octave Count DE NOBLET D’ANGLURE.


Mr. Charles-Octave Count DE NOBLET D’ANGLURE has finally lost the unequal struggle we all face. Mr. Charles-Octave Count DE NOBLET D’ANGLUREa finalement perdu la lutte inégale à laquelle nous sommes tous confrontés. My very sincere condolences go to the family and friends of Charles-Octave DE NOBLET in loving and grateful memory of a grand friend … Read more