This should warm you up

Climate Change? > is the best reason I know for North Europeans to move South.
Last night the temperature at the North Pole was 0 while most of Europe shivered in minus 5 to minus 25…

From an article published in the Sydney Morning Post, a journal who’s archives I used when painting “Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater“.

Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater
‘Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater’

This splendid  original painting, perhaps strangely, never exhibited at Plymouth,  measures 76 x 121 cms (30″ x 48″), oils, is available; if £35,000 is a bit rich for you, go for a signed marine print on canvas from £147 inc P&P, for the look and feel of the original.

From the mast head, a sailor’s view > There is open water north of #Greenland where the thickest sea ice of the #Arctic used to be. It is not refreezing quickly because air temperatures are above zero confirmed by @dmidk’s weather station.

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Saint Emilion

An addition the the Bordeaux, Picturesque Wine Village Series.   A new landscape painting, measures 60 x 90 cm ( 23 5/8″ x 35.5″), oils on canvas, available. A fine perspective most tourist miss, a new landscape beginning, of Saint Emilion. To acquire or commission a similar painting Contact US ~ T:+ 44 (0)1865 52 2435  or Skype … Read more

Last Night

Combating January Blues… and by way of getting my painting started this year I’ve reworked this painting and added a ‘Further reading’ page

Last Night
Last Night

by Gordon Frickers 61 x 81 cm (24″ x 32″), oils £1500.00

The painting

Haunting, sultry, symbolic, inspired by a dream, inspire by an event, inspired by a loss, painted because I wanted to, had to.

An emotional  painting that means different things to different people…

I believe that this one is most inspirational… In a very different way than previous art that I have seen of yours!

I love how you captured the quality without sacrificing detail“. (Carol Lynn 03.04.2016 via Facebook)

Discover more at “Last Night“…

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