Entre Deux Mers

L’Entre-deux-Mers, a relaxed the land between two seas, a land rich with history and legends.

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Sauveterre, fete
Hyperlink >La Fete du Vin, Sauveterre, 10 July ~ available, £1900.

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Sauveterre, cafe des Arcardes
Hyperlink >  Sauveterre, cafe des Arcardes, available £850.00

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Castelmoron d'Albret, smallest village in France
Hyperlink >  Castelmoron d’Albret, smallest village in France, sold
Sauveterre,  Dancing Vines, sketch made 'plien aire
Hyperlink > Sauveterre, Dancing Vines, sketch made ‘plien aire’, available
Sauveterre, Dancing Vines,
Hyperlink > Sauveterre, Dancing Vines, available

Sauveterre-de-Guyenne is the principal town of the district, founded by the English, during the 100 years war it changed hands many times

Today Sauveterre nestling on picturesque countryside is a peaceful ancient town near the centre of Entre Deux Mers, a district easily accessible from auto routes and with 2 airports.

Entre deux Mers nestling between the great rivers and tidal rivers of Dordogne and Garonne, a French land much influenced by it’s English heritage.

A is a tranquil less visited part of this renowned province we know as Bordeaux, Gascony, the people friendly and welcoming. 

Entre Deux Mers is a beautiful region to tour, a landscape gently rolling hills, of old villages many founded by the English well over 600 years ago, of bastide (fortified) towns, Benedictine Abbeys, churches, windmills, quays, ports offering diverse choices of places to eat and drink the fine products of the region, Entre Deux Mers.

This  gentle attractive rural landscape of vines, woodland and vales, includes the smallest commune in France, Castelmoron d’Albret of which Gordon Frickers has appropriately made a miniature painting.
Entree Deux Mers offers the visitor 550 km of marked hiking trails which combine the arts of landscape, wine and gastronomy.

At the centre of Entre Deux Mers is the little village of St Brice with but one place to stay, a very congenial chambre d’ote.

Tourist office, L’Entre Deux Mers

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