Very Vine Weather

I’m at Castelnau de Montmiral focused on preparing paintings for “Gaillac Surprising Vines”. We in the Dept du Tarn (Gaillac region) are enjoying fine weather, temperatures around 25 to 28, (77 to 82 F) cool breezes, perfect for getting a tan & working out doors which I’m doing. By the way, the locals had voted … Read more

End of session

Francis Pratt asks each student to ‘post’ their work then in turn to give a talk about what, why they made it and what they learned. Making a great ‘painting’ or even a ‘drawing’ is nver the objective. The Painting School of Montmiral objective, regardless of the level of the student, be it beginner or … Read more


I am reminded of Horace Walpole (19.10.1739) who said sadly “They are ringing their bells now, they will be wringing their hands soon!” Even the weather this morning seems to reflect how most people here feel about the Britexit vote. From a murky Castelnau de Montmiral in the Tarn, people here are asking me how … Read more

Developing ideas

Two of Sauveterre de Guyenne fete du vins, (Series “Famous Wine Villages of Bordeaux“) Croquis en développement, deux de Sauveterre de Guyenne fête du vins, (série “vin célèbres villages de Bordeaux”) l’une des idées de brassage pour Domaine Peyres Roses, (série «Gaillac, Vines surprenantes») presque prêt à peindre et un croquis (Chateau de Saurs) peinte … Read more


“Famous Wine Villages of Bordeaux” series experiamental concept sketches worked up today while I have an invitation to use The Painting School of Montmiral; The band were the awesome  Los MUSAÏCOS

Note the word chaos seems to appear in their title, was this a warning? I rather think it was!!!

Los Musiacos concept sketch 1
Los Musaicos concept sketch 1

Concept sketches for the “Famous Wine Villages of Bordeaux series”.
A probable painting resultant from one of the liveliest impromptu afternoons I’ve ever had… at Sauveterre-de-Guyenne fete du vins in the Gironde department (Aquitaine region) of France.

Croquis conceptuels, “Famous Wine Villages of Bordeaux series”.

Pour une peinture résultante probable de l’un des après-midi animés j’ai jamais eu … à Sauveterre-de-Guyenne dans le département de la Gironde (région Aquitaine) de la France.

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What the press say

This gives a fair impression of the value to the press, media, patrons and sponsors of The Art of Gordon Frickers. There are many stories, past, present and future worth exploring. Lots of lovely press articles for you to enjoy. Page updated. The page is still by no means comprehensive, does not include radio and … Read more

Special eyes

“No way color blind” was a comment via Facebook by, a reaction from my friend Sherrie Raz, not something I’d lightly ignore.
In its way it’s a very well timed remark, Sherrie’s formidable intuition at work I guess.

Une version dans mon pauvre français suit la version anglaise ici:

Sherrie Raz is a fellow artist and significantly in my view has become the best Clinical Psychologist and a Registered Traumatologist in the USA; and I write that with good supporting reasons.
I’m honoured by her friendship.
She was commenting on my colour vision.

"Red Bales 2"
“Red Bales 2”

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