Château de Saurs, Gaillac

New on this web site, part of the “Gaillac, amazing vines” Series.

Development sketches and pictures appear, the painting will follow soon, are you sitting comfortably?

Château de Saurs in the heart of the gaillac wine region was a chosen subject for a number of special reasons including it is the most classic château in the region and has produced many award winning wines.

working on Chateau de Saurs a sketch
working on Chateau de Saurs a sketch

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Hot work today

Colour beginnings, hot work today, 33 C (91.4 F) in the shade as a few pics taken around my house show. Meanwhile back to the plot, a new painting for those who like to follow the process. Having marked out the design the next issue is to decide which are the underlying power colours. Here … Read more

Last day in the Tarn

Dernier soiree hier soir a Domaine Peyres Roses a l’invitation a mon amie Astrid Bonnafont Serre.     Today is my last day on this tour of the Tarn. Preparations to leave, the plan says leave early tomorrow morning, now watch that go wrong… and I’ll complete the painting I started yesterday on location at … Read more

Castel de Brames

35 C (95 F) at 18.30 today in the vale of Gaillac. At the time I was visiting castel de Brames as part of my “Gaillac, surprising vines” painting project.
I like Castel de Barmes because of the people, the vines and wines, and I half expect to find d’Artagnan asleep in one of the barns…
One of the less well known producteurs in the Gaillac region, Castel de Brames is in my view one of the most interesting.
35 C (95 F) à 18.30 aujourd’hui dans la vallée de Gaillac. A l’époque je rendais visite à castel de Brames dans le cadre de mon “, vignes surprenantes Gaillac” projet de peinture.
J’aime Castel de Barmes à cause des gens, les vignes et les vins, et je pense la moitié de trouver d’Artagnan dormait dans une des granges …
  L’un des moins connus Producteurs dans la région de Gaillac, Castel de Brames est à mon avis l’un des plus intéressant.

Castel de Brames, Gaillac region
Castel de Brames, Gaillac region

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