Last chance…

I drive towards my ‘second’ home’ tomorrow; Castelnau de Montmiral. To dismantle after mid day 30 th, a much praised exhibition. At the Espace Culturale, Gaillac, comments included M. Soriano’s : “total commitment”, “Tarn lucky to have this artist” etc, invitation of the Gaillac Municipal, closes mid day 30 th Dec. After which I’ll dismantle … Read more

Is North ‘up’?

Is North ‘up’? is ‘to go North’, going ‘uphill’? Of course it is. Proof, there is much more ice, heavy stuff, down south, Antarctica, there for ‘up’ has to be North. Thus can we conclude, the Universe follows the same pattern? The amazing art of Gordon Frickers, to entertain, inform, inspire ~ and

A Gaillac Reception

The Gaillac Reception 02.12.16, a beautiful evening.
The evening went well, M. Soriano (I hope I spelt his name correctly), the much respected author and historian gave good appreciation, a very flattering speech.
It seems your friend Gordon is now a celebrity in and of Gaillac… 

Gaillac Reception
Gaillac Reception
The paintings speak for them selves and for the region.
The paintings are now part of the long story of Gaillacois Tarn, I hope you will get to see them.

The Gaillac Reception
The Gaillac Reception 

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