Question from a Nexus

A question on Facebook from my dear friend Sara Malamud who is a nexus, ( nexus; from Latin: a binding together, from nectere to bind, the ancients used honey for many purposes including on wounds and very often in wine); Sara is also a very good professional matchmaker. I thought it fun and it might interest some of you if we share her question and my reply.

Detail, Red Bales 2
Detail, Red Bales 2

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Autumn leaves and acorns

First fire; October is astern, an unusually mild dry sunny October during which I’ve taken as much advantage of the good light as possible for painting.First blaze IMG_1882
My days used to be ruled by the tides and wind.
Now it’s sunlight and warmth I keep a weather eye on.
My training at sea helps with reading the moods of the sky.
November made it’s presence felt with the first cold night of the season.
It’s not yet worth turning on the central heating, yet, but it is a pleasure to feel and see this cherry log fire.

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