Boards and canvas

An afternoon in the sun preparing materials for new ‘Wine Villages of Bordeaux’ paintings. Each board is carefully prepared, cut sanded, trimmed, treated the a scrim glued on. Boards are more durable than plain canvas, less fragile, and have other virtues. The scrim will painted first with Gesso, which together provides a good ‘tooth’ for the … Read more

Roman Wine?

Want to try wine the Romans drank?

How do you find a gift for a special for example a wealthy friend? A rare, interesting, delicious wine they simply can’t get is one answer.

Alian de la Castel de Brames
Alian de la Castel de Brames

At Castel de Brames yesterday evening

the heart of L’Occitane

buying wines made from some of the oldest vines in France, (mostly) for gifts.

Castel de Brames
Castel de Brames

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Albi, 37.5 C (99.5 F) here yesterday in the Tarn according to my car, une canicule. A day in and around nearby beautiful, gourmet, Albi, a UNESCO World Heritage city.    The ‘Old Quarter’ near the cathedral is particularly noted for its restaurants and fine cloths and jewellery shops. Albi has a surprising connection with … Read more

Queen’s Wine

The Queen’s Wine; “du vignoble de Gaillac”, at Domaine de la Chanade. 

Domaine de la Chanade
Domaine de la Chanade, note the olive trees

A chance invitation, a new friend and the Queen’s wine. 

The Queen's Wine, Galien.
The Queen’s Wine, Galien.

A chance encounter in Intermarche, Gaillac, the first day I arrived here in the Tarn, well actually one of 4, the other 3 were all people who remembered me, touched my heart, pleased to see I’d returned.

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