Two Green Bottles …

Two bottles of wine, two people.
Yesterday, lunch with Lily from Toulouse who is making a little very welcome visit to recharge her batteries.
A friend of mine who runs the all bio Château de Meyragues, un château médiéval à proximité d’Albi in the Gaillac region recons
Château de Meyragues
the best way to drink wine is a magnum for two, ideally with just one doing the drinking …

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Hot Rain

It’s August, really? Painting hot rain in France, where I am it feels more like a warm April, sunshine, flowers and showers all this month… You can find this remarkable painting, made with determination while I was rained on, as an experiment to see what would result, on location in SW France. Discover more of … Read more

Apres Plage

Saint Malo plage morning and after, a fine lunch at the restaurant and bar of Théhillac. I can unreservedly recommend “Les Re 7 d’Antan” at Théhillac. This restaurant, host and hostess, opened about 18 months past, have a growing ‘gourmet’ reputation for good value and quality meals. The master chef Didier is really ‘en forme’. … Read more

Update, Gaillac

“The Port of Gaillac 1863” measures 200 x 100 cm (39″ x 60″), by Gordon Frickers, the page and the ‘Further Reading’ page, updated. A major painting, a major effort, these pages contain much information not readily available elsewhere.…/gaill…/the-port-of-gaillac-1863-2/ Sold, this painting was commissioned as a foyer centre piece for the Museum ‘inVINcible VIGNEron‘ … Read more