Down hill?

Down hill, South? Not as planned to Castelnau de Montmiral this week end; victim of a combination of to busy and not enough energy.
Descente, Sud? Non comme prévu à Castelnau de Montmiral ce week end; victime d’une combinaison de l’énergie occupée et ne suffit pas.
Add to that I don’t want to play with the holiday traffic; the drive takes at least 7 hours without that amusement.
Ajoutez à cela que je ne veux pas jouer avec le trafic de vacances; le lecteur prend au moins 7 heures sans que le divertissement. 

Domaine du Barry , Gaillac 26.08.16
Domaine du Barry , Gaillac 26.08.16

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Fete de musique, Bourg,

A new image for you toi enjoy on the web site page…/haut-medoc/bourg-les-musicales/ Fete de musique, Bourg, Haut Medoc region, one of the ” Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux” series. I’ve had to return 4 times to this painting as it dried after I thought I’d finished it… to get it right. Good painting takes … Read more

Domaine de la Tronque

“Gaillac, Surprising Vines” collection, this picture shows the result of yesterday’s labour. You can discover more and follow the story of the painting of Domaine de la Tronque, one of the first Gaillac vineyards in all Midi Pyrenees to ‘go bio’ on the new Domaine de la Tronque page, enjoy