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Française Spectacular landscapes South West of France, introduced through the eyes of the artist Gordon Frickers Flag_of GB half inch .svg

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Bordeaux region
Hyperlink > Bordeaux region

The most famous wine region in the world and good for much more.

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Hyperlink > Sunflowers challenge series 

more than a match for anything in the Musee d’Orsay” ~ said Alain Soreano, author, historian when introducing my exhibition at the Centre Culturale, Gaillac.


Flattery of the highest order, “plum pudding“,  “plum pudding & lobster salad“,  was a term used to to describe some of J M W Turner’s most colourful paintings.


Hyperlink >  Carcassonne


Hyperlink > Carcassonne (2)

Carcassone, “the most famous monument between Monte Carlo and Bordeaux”.

Hyperlink > Gaillac Wine Region series

Heart of LOccitane, famous as one of the oldest wine regions in France

Castelnau de Montmiral
Hyperlink > Castelnau de Montmiral Collection

One of a series of 13 th century bastides, hardly changed today, in the Tarn, heart of  l’Occitaine region famed for it’s ever changing beauty, foods and wines.

Foret de Sivens
Hyperlink > Forest Collection

One of the two oldest least spoilt forests in Europe

Le Tarn
Hyperlink > Sunrise Collection

Forcing my pace, an experimental series of sunrise paintings, each painted on location as the event occurred.

Hyperlink > 08 August Sunset Collection
Gordon Frickers at work  painted by Jill Lane
Gordon Frickers , Sunflower Challange, at work painted by Jill Lane

Timeless subjects, most painted on location, others developed from location studies.

These paintings combine many techniques, including abstract passages, spatula work, glazing and on closer inspection, fascinating precise and imprecise details thus represents fine examples of this versatile artist’s work and for you, very sound investments.


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