Special eyes

Colour vision profoundly affects us all but what is it?
This interesting question came up again today via a post on Facebook by my friend Lynda Chase-Gardener.
“Special eyes” said Francis Pratt of The painting School of Montmiral.
Francis has to be one of the world’s leading authorities on this subject, one that illuminates all our lives. Colour vision & numbers

As a visual artist I’ve spent many years studying, experimenting and working with experts on aspects of colour vision, in particular Francis Pratt and quite separately, with David Folley,

“Special eyes”; explained the sometimes odd paintings I have produced since childhood.

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Another frosty dawn

Dawn over my garden. A Frosty Dawn 2 IMG_9396
Wind forecast to shift to the south on Wednesday.
Meanwhile despite beautiful sunny days temperatures have rarely climbed above zero for a week and been down to – 5 C at night.
Meaning thermal pajamas + dovet+ 3 woolen blankets + hot drink with a dash of navy rum…
Warm for Canada (Edwin Morton), cold for France.

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Muck up sorted

No real hard done, other than some worry, much valuable time and energy wasted. Website www.frickers.co.uk/art back on line, I’m back on the bridge, welcome aboard; no thanks due to inefficient planetdoman-au. The marine (painting) adventures continue with several surprises over the horizon and coming our way soon so keep a weather eye on the … Read more

Saga of woe

Plantedomain.au think they have resolved the problem, yet www.frickers.co.uk remains off line as does email to @frickers.co.uk….
Imagine my reaction to that? 
It stops me painting while I have to sort it out…IMG_6242
Here for your amusement itiz.
Sir/ Madame,

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#Planetdomain one of our web sites is missing. A miss understanding, a cancelled credit card not replaced quickly and sloth of planetdomain.au means www.frickers.co.uk is off line, suspended. My other site, www.artfrickers.com is unaffected, still open for your pleasure, to entertain, inform and inspire you. www.frickers.co.uk/art remains off line, that is until I can get … Read more