A problem of success

The Frustrations and expense of idiotic Brexit and better news, demand for my marine work is slowing this great project, ‘Famous, Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux’,

I really really want to press on with this exciting project. I have quite a few fine paintings in stock and feel the best is yet to come.

Plus, people keep buying the paintings. to make a really impressive show I feel I need to hide the collection.

A problem of success I suppose… ?

What is this enthusiasm for  ‘Famous, Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux’ all about?

Bordeaux, arguably the most famous name in wines? Many have heard the famous names, St Emilion, Pomerol, 

Pomerol, baby vines
‘Pomerol, baby vines’

Sauternes, Médoc, Graves … We know the names but what do these places look like? Many a famous artist have painted around Bordeaux. No one has ever painted a series about the villages and small towns. 

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Hag Sameah

‘Hag sameah’ to all my Jewish relatives and friends.
A belated Hannuka hag sameah to you too, I’ve been busy, I’ve been ill [almost shipshape now] or I’d have sent you my ‘hag sameah’ sooner.

Channuk 2015 IMG_5529

To my non Jewish friends, ‘shalom’, peace, and if of interest, a brief [by Jewish standards… ] explanation of ‘Channukah’. 

The story behind the festival is inspirational, one of a successful struggle against seemingly impossible odds.

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