Castle Mayragues (Château de Mayragues)

Mayragues today’s agenda including a visit to the 12 th century Château.

Mayrages that is, and my friend, proprietor Alan Geddes.

Chateau Mayragues,

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Chateau Mayragues
Mayragues, Château
This in part to buy some of their fabulous wine.
Mayragues is documented to have been wine making since at least 1609.
Expect something special !

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Winter draws on

Two heavy frosts, time to move into winter mode methinks. As my dear old Mum was fond of saying, “winter draws on”. Wrong ! A sunny morning today and relatively mild 13 c (55.4 F) Ideal for the randonée I’ve been invited to join by Margo Le Gal, an excellent painter and new friend.