Southern #Brittany, #France, awoken today at 06.00 by spectacular storm. 2 weeks of unseasonabley, deliciously warm weather over 30 C some days, is ending in style this morning with a dramatic, violent lightening and thunder storm, strong winds and ‘tropical’ rain … I plan to work on some new #paintings today Expect power cuts !!!

Climate change?

The weather here has been beautiful, maybe due to climate change. Beautiful that is if you like blue skies, no rain, good light for painting so I’ve been painting. Is this climate change or a real ‘Flaming June’ as per the old days? Yesterday was exceptionally warm. 49 c in my back garden (officially it … Read more

Café Culture

‘Café Culture’, food, art, magic words that = enjoy, Bordeaux France. Page and image updated, enjoy, a café at once typical of café culture in SW France yet illusive to describe as a painting. 20 x 25 cm (8” x 10”), available, price upon application Painting a mini classic for  the  Bordeaux, “Famous Wine Villages of Bordeaux”  series  … Read more