Climate change?

The weather here has been beautiful, maybe due to climate change. Beautiful that is if you like blue skies, no rain, good light for painting so I’ve been painting. Is this climate change or a real ‘Flaming June’ as per the old days? Yesterday was exceptionally warm. 49 c in my back garden (officially it … Read more

Café Culture

‘Café Culture’, food, art, magic words that = enjoy, Bordeaux France. Page and image updated, enjoy, a café at once typical of café culture in SW France yet illusive to describe as a painting. 20 x 25 cm (8” x 10”), available, price upon application Painting a mini classic for  the  Bordeaux, “Famous Wine Villages of Bordeaux”  series  … Read more


So, what have you been doing today? “Banks of the Gironde” 30.5 x 40.6 cm (12″ x 16″) I’ve been mostly painting 🎨 on this new painting which is approaching completion. The colours are so unusual it is hard to photograph 😄 even with my qualifications and my sophisticated camera !   This scene of … Read more


First day of spring today or so I’m told. Not such good weather today, two clouds in our sky. Still, good light for painting so here is a design I’m working on, one for my Café Culture series. In Saint-Christoly-Médoc, Roberte Pataluch, 78, has been running the Sports Café for 57 years. A real passion. … Read more


In agreement with Geoff Day who wrote on the Rift in Brittany page of Facebook, by way of being ‘helpful’, I added…
Regarding Napoleon / Wellington, I agree with you 100 %.
I’ve also found it helpful to disclaim English involvement in the 100 years war🤪.
I tell French acquaintances, it was the French (that goes down well in l’Occitane and most of western France including Brittany🙂) fighting the Plantagenets & Gascons (all ‘French’ peoples now…) and all due to the Norman uninvited invasion of England.

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