Six Legged elephant

Carcassonne paintings

I’ve resumed painting this week. J’ai repris la peinture cette semaine. The Six Legged Elephant painting is on the move, progressing (at last!), getting the architecture ‘right’ is time consuming, has to be done even as you will soon see, though I’ll loose most of it in the finished painting. La peinture de l’éléphant à … Read more

Carcassonne, vines and Black Mountains

Completed this week, “Carcassonne, Vines and Black Mountains”, the most recent changes to this landscape painting are by way of fine tuning. In particular you may notice when compared with the previous post (20 th February) the sky has changed significantly and a cloud shadow has been placed before the city wall. The effect of … Read more

Carcassone, painting progress

This painting as yet unfinished is the second of a series exploring the theme of Carcassonne. If you like to see how it’s ‘done’, you may like to compare these images with my previous post Undoubtedly Carcassonne is the most celebrated monument between Monte Carlo and Biarritz. Less well know are the delights of the … Read more

Carcassonne fireworks 2015


Bastille Day, probably the best firework display in France,  and a visit to the most famous monument between Monte Carlo and Bordeaux, Carcassonne; ostensibly to see the justifiably famous fireworks.  I am planning a new mini series of paintings inside and outside Carcassonne a fabulous city in the largest wine growing region of France, Languedoc-Roussillon.

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