After Hot Rain

As June continues to entertain us with turbulent weather, here’s one I made earlier, “After Hot Rain”. Given the choice, this technique is how I most like to paint. The view is Castelnau de Montmiral in the remote Tarn province of l’Occitaine, my ‘second home’. That summer we had some heavy thunderstorms off the Pyrenees. … Read more

25th of May

The 25 th of May birthday 🎂 went so well 🍷🎈📌, a memorable occasion for all the best reasons, hence the photos below some of you kindly requested.

I’m only just recovering from the party !

We certainly did raise a glass to ‘Absent Friends’.
Cake candles were duly blown out, champagne and balloons pop’d.

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As with sunrise, I’m just beginning to emerge from my birthday week end.

07 Aug Sunrise

I am exhausted so clearly it was a success!
My very sincere thank you to each and every one of you who kindly thought to make the week end even better by sending your good wishes and especially for Matt Burton for his help setting up and Richard Burstow who having driven from England was a great and patient support.

I hope I’ve replied individually to all of you if not be so kind as to excuse me.

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Home again

Home and settling in.
The garden ‘meadow’ needs sorting. I’m a seaman not a gardener, still, i’ll enjoy the gentle exercise.
Théhillac 30.04.19
1st of May
“zummer is acome unto day in the merry merry month of May” as the folk sing in another Celtic village, Padstow, Cornwall while the ‘Obbu ‘Oss dances.
Been there quite a few times, done that quite a few times when I lived at Falmouth back in the 1970’s; many happy days they were too. 

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“Trees in a Breeze 1” , one of four in this series, all painted from the same spot on different days. Painted in oils ‘plien aire’, on location as one of a series, exploring colour vision and movement it measures 45 x 53 cm (18″ x 21″). Available. To acquire this painting or to commission … Read more

Wine not?

Painting ‘plien aire’, “Famous Wine Villages of #Bordeaux” series. Château Lafite Rothschild is one of only ten Châteaux listed as the very best in France by the Imperial classification of 1855, a classification still in use today. Thinking Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Wine, it’s said to be better than ever now. Produced by the #Medoc chateaux … Read more

Party and more painting

Certainly cause for celebration and satisfaction.
Good news is a rare commodity these days.
I have been  given a Recepisse de Carte de Sejour Permenate.
This makes me much more ‘Brexit proof’; meaning I’ll be painting more glorious French landscapes.
I first tried for this back in 2012… successful this time, my third application.
Merci bien, vive la France !
Recepisse de Carte de Sejour
Recepisse de Carte de Sejour
Given my circumstances are ‘unusual’ some lateral thinking was needed while keeping firmly in mind PPP=PPP; to create an unusual and successful solution.

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what cost Brexit?

Attention in Westminster? French Eurotunnel and ferry customs officers who mounted an “unlimited strike” by enforcing strict border controls – to mimic what may happen after Brexit – have caused tens of kilometres of traffic jams. Want to know more from a reliable source? There is an article in this published by the Anglo-French journal … Read more

Power off

All British passports including pet passports issued up to the guillotine day, 29 March 2019 are full European Union travel documents.

After your passport will continue to be valid as a British travel document, but not your pet passport in the E U.

Both will lose their EU power.

You will probably need a visas and of course there will be fees and delays.

Love Brexit or love Britain?


If you are British,  live in France and don’t have a ‘Carte du Sejour or Carte de Residence you’d be well advised to apply to your regional prefecture.

Meanwhile, an ‘Attestation de Residence’ which you can obtain from your local Mairie or Hotel de Ville, may prove invaluable at the frontiers.

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