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Last Night, a portrait

Portrait paintings, page thoroughly updated, discover for yourself, https://artfrickers.com/portrait-paintings/ profit, enjoy. Portrait paintings, distinctive portraits paintings of enduring worth by Gordon Frickers. Frickers paintings have been exhibited at many venues in Britain and Europe including by invitation a one man show in the European Parliament. I enjoy the challenges of portrait painting🎨. This painting is … Read more

Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie , the murderous attack on this significant author is an outrage. As is the claim that the motive is unknown. This is an attack on all people who value #freedom , #Liberty and wish for brighter, peaceful days. This accompanying painting is new on my website page, one of the ‘Sunrise Series’, https://artfrickers.com/s-w-france/sunrise-project/ … Read more

Carcassonne Painting


Carcassonne, a new painting, highly recommended and I hope to be there next week as Carcassonne is one of my favourite places. New painting, 99 % complete, available, 2,200 £. Carcassonne, a beautiful painting, atmospheric, poetic, romantic. This painting is a perfect way to remember Carcassonne. Carcassonne painting 76 x 121 cm (30″ x 48″),  … Read more

New painting

‘Sunrise Through Vapours’, a new painting. 81 x 51 cm (32″ x 20″), oils, this #painting available excellent value at 1,200 £. Tableau complete: “Lever de soleil à travers les vapeurs, le premier jour du printemps, la rivière et mais du la Vilaine. > yours now £ bank to bank or by credit card Purchase … Read more

Painting wet on wet

Painting with oils, wet on wet completed, the final post in this demonstration series. 81 x 51 cm (32″ x 20″), oils, this painting available for sale, 1,200 £. “Sunrise through vapours, first day of spring, river and marshes of the Vilaine” Tableau complete: “Lever de soleil à travers les vapeurs, le premier jour du … Read more


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Signature, does it ‘matt’ er? Gordon Frickers, artist, an article about the value of signatures.

Artist to artist, here’s some questions and answers of interest to all painters on the ‘Art Explorers With Alice Sheridan’ page.
Alison Blynn Gaiman asked “I’m getting some paintings framed (paper under glass). I don’t want to sign my work on the paper, and the framer said a lot of people sign their names on the matte.
Do any of you do this? If so, do you use your normal signature? Or… do you have a different signature just for your art?”
I replied:
🎨Good questions, I would never sign on a ‘matt’ as it’s not part of the painting.
I have seen this done but never by top mast painters.
Gordon Frickers

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