Sunset Series

‘Sunset Series’, painting the impossible… 

sunset, 01 August
Hyperlink > 01 August sunset, available

These landscape paintings came about almost by accident or was it inspiration? They were of course pre planned, with careful preparation, however there is a bit of a story behind them…  as were the very deliberately planned Sunrise Series

Many of these studies were painted during a particularly hot summer at Castelneau de Montmiral, my reaction to the first few sunsets was a form of ‘WoW’.

Followed by thinking ‘impossible to paint‘ which of course lead to ‘I’ll try and see what happens’.

Hyperlink > 08 August Sunset, available

The site I chose to work from was the mound of the Virgin.

Some careful personal preparation was necessary, not unlike an athlete, i had to make sure that despite the day’s demands and the temperatures in the 40 C ‘s I was fed, rested and on location in good time.

Hyperlink > Sunset, 10 August , available

There was also the difficulty and danger of looking directly at strong sunlight to consider.

I quickly discovered, although some of the sunsets looked superficially very similar, when you really look, paint, each has it’s own quite distinctive character; quite like people really…

Sunset 12 August
Hyperlink > Sunset 12 August, available

I’d thought of ways to cope with that so improvised with a base ball cap.

Domain du Barry, Gaillac region
Hyperlink > Domain du Barry, Gaillac region, avaliable

Power Painting ~ These semi abstract paintings were mostly produced influenced by J M W Turner, Vincent van Gough and Francis Pratt of The Painting School of Montmiral., the latter because of his remarks about finding ““Finding Power Painting”.

Peyres Roses
Hyperlink > Peyres Roses, 15 September, available

I knew I intended to push myself and my visual perception as vigorously as I could.

Chateau Terride,
Hyperlink > Chateau Terride, 24 August available

I was to discover what would happen as I painted those extreme sunsets, how would the colours, tones and composition reveal themselves, how would people react after to my results.  

Hyperlink > Pyrenees, sold

In a the way this painting, made during the 2003 severe heatwave symbolises climate change; now said to be “dangerous” to humanity has arrived much more quickly than anticipated, 2 C up in the Northern hemisphere this winter, 2016 according to a report in


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