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Française Seductive Gaillac, at the heart of old l’Occitane, ~ a paradise on Earth? Introducing “The Gaillac Collection”. Flag_of GB half inch .svg

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Lastours, painting
At Lastours

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The Gaillac Collection:

more than a match for anything in the Musee d’Orsay” ~ Alain Soreano, author, historian when opening the exhibition at the Centre Culturale, Gaillac, December 2016.

If you like what you see here I can assure you, you will love the originals, ideally seen with products of the region for you to sample…

Chateau de Saurs
Hyperlink > Chateau de Saurs, available, £12,000  [23.05.17]

Chateau de Saurs,  family owned, noted for wines that win awards at National level and with its own chain of restaurants.

This exceptionally beautiful region was formerly very famous for it’s fine, distinctive wines, enjoyed by Kings of England and the founding fathers of the United States of America, a reputation lost to disaster during the 19th century.

Domain du Barry
Hyperlink > Domain du Barry, 25 August, available, £950.
Chateau Lastours
Hyperlink > Chateau Lastours available, £3,500 [16.10.16 ]

Today that reputation is being rediscovered, by whom and why is quite a story, meanwhile I can let you in on some of the secrets of Gaillac, via these pages and links.

I hope you enjoy discovering Gaillac as much as I have, a word of caution, Gaillac is a seductive region !

The Gaillac Collection is an opportunity in more senses than one, it has not as yet been shown outside of Gaillac and this web site.

Château de Terride
Château de Terride, available, £2,000.00

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Château de Terride

Château Clément Termes
Château Clément Termes £950.

Photo titles here are hyperlinks to more about each painting.

Follow the ‘Further Reading‘ the link near the end of this page, to discover some of why  Gaillac is such an extraordinary, exciting region but mostly browse on and enjoy.

Castel de Brames,  Lisle sur Tarn, Gaillac 26.08.16
Castel de Brames, Lisle sur Tarn, Gaillac 26.08.16, £3000.


Gaillac, a view including the Abbaye St Michel. Available, £6500.
Gaillac, a view including the Abbaye St Michel. £2500,


The beautiful  Gaillac Collection has only once been exhibited. That was by invitation of the municipal at the Service Culture de la ville de Gaillac. 80 place d’Hautpoul, December 2016.

sunset-and-vines-Peyres Roses-26-11-16
sunset-and-vines-Peyres Roses-26-11-16, £3000.

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Chateau de Lacroix, region Gaillac, department le Tarn, SW France.
Chateau de Lacroix, region Gaillac, department le Tarn, SW France. 4,000.

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Gaillac and the river Tarn
Gaillac plien aire £1,500

 Gaillac, in and around  Gaillac you can still discover the seductive ambiance of  old South West France at its best.

Gaillac and Albi as towns, the bastide villages, will repay you richly for your visit, the shopping, the restaurants and cafes, the old quarters, the parks and museums and naturally, the very varied wines.

Chateau Meyragues, Gaillac
Chateau Meyragues, Gaillac £2500

Chateau Meyrages, lovingly restored over 30 years offers the latest developments in bio dynamic wines.



The Gaillac district, we used to say “not even the French know of Gaillac…”

There was a time when Gaillac wines were among the most desired in France… how could that be so?

Until very recently, remote, almost secretive, independant, still certainly seductive, was famed for its independent winegrowers was famous long centuries before Bordeaux.

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Chateau Lastours Avenue, (unfinished), available
Chateau Lastours Avenue, (unfinished), available


Domaine de la Tronque, 23.09.16
Hyperlink > Domaine de la Tronque, 23.09.16 £3,000

Well established among Gaillac wines you can find the latest thinking in bio and bio dynamic wines.


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To further tempt you there is the business of following the wine trails, scaling the Bastides and naturally, the many pleasures of a beautiful varied landscape that teems with wild life.

Bastide de Levis
Bastide de Levis £1,200

Wine Art News


Typically Gaillac
Typically Gaillac Sold

you could have sold that painting five times over“; Sean Day, Managing Director, Harwich Mayflower Project.

Gaillac, Valley of  Wines
Gaillac, Valley of Wines, £1,200.

Gaillac the port, 1863, ancient quarter, a charming  southern French town with deep medieval roots.

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Port of Gaillac 1863
Port of Gaillac 1863 Sold

The Gaillac Collection has never shown outside of Gaillac.

Imagine, an exhibition, the paintings as the core, presented with products of the region, wines, foods, other, and live music.

Who could refuse such an invitation?

What an opportunity for a sponsor, imagine, paintings,  products of the region, music, costumes, dance, in major cities, London, Paris, New York?


Farm & sunflowers
Hyperlink to > Farm & sunflowers £1,250

To discover why Gaillac is even among special places, very special,  history and future, follow our Further Reading page or phone + 44 (0)1865 52 2435

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Gaillac et le coq
Gaillac et le coq

You can commission simply by contacting us, or purchase these paintings via our ‘Payments‘ page using Paypal or bank to bank;(we can advise and help with the wines too). 

By arrangement payments can be in installments.

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You can commission a painting like these…

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