In agreement with Geoff Day who wrote on the Rift in Brittany page of Facebook, by way of being ‘helpful’, I added…
Regarding Napoleon / Wellington, I agree with you 100 %.
I’ve also found it helpful to disclaim English involvement in the 100 years war🤪.
I tell French acquaintances, it was the French (that goes down well in l’Occitane and most of western France including Brittany🙂) fighting the Plantagenets & Gascons (all ‘French’ peoples now…) and all due to the Norman uninvited invasion of England.

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Cafe Culture

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A vine new time?

HRH Queen Elizabeth when visiting Cordes sur Ciel was served wine chosen from the domain de la Chanade.

Cordes sur Ciel

I feel privileged and complimented to have been asked to photograph this season’s production of wines at the Famous domain de la Chanade.

Domain de la Chanade

Actually, a story for another time maybe,  I first met the owner, Christian, in a Gaillac supermarket when we where both buying fruit and veggies

Domain de la Chanade, production,

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Arrived safe, ish

Wish you where here ?

After an 8 hr 45 minute drive I arrived safely at the house of my friend Hervé Boitel in the Tarn department.

I drove through a mixture of heavy rain and bright sunshine, yet again wishing I had a co driver.

We have to make the best of what we have don’t we?

I stopped en route at the Aire de Vendee and as it was raining in fair imitation of a tropical downpour and chilly too, I ignored my salmon and mayo sandwiches and treated myself to a nice hot meal.

My mostly very good driving record was blotted for me by my car being side swiped in heavy traffic on the Bordeaux periferique by a driver who did not stop.

That will set me back 90 € for the damage excess on my insurance …

Such is life, I’m shipshape and the car will benefit from a respray on that side.

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Painting Rain

Wet, warm and windy here today which reminds me of “Painting Rain“, painting the impossible to entertain, inform and inspire us both ! 40 x 50 cm (15¾” x 19¾”) available, £ / € / $ U S 2000. “More than a match for anything in the Musee d’Orsay” ; Alain Soreano, author, historian [December 2016] … Read more

Social Distancing, Isolation

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Sunset 08 August

Page updated, new info posted. Watching the power of nature, something city dwellers rarely do,  does make me feel that like the old #Pharaoh we keep saying “NO ! Our planet & probably The Almighty are trying to tell us something. For sure, communities who don’t take #Corvid_19 seriously regardless of race or religion will … Read more