Climate change painting

Climate change sunset

Climate change painting or just unusually cold weather this week? Here’s a spectacular sunset painted on location to seriously warm you! Hyperlink > Sunset 08 August, 47 x 62 cm (18,5″ x 24,5″)   a sound investment for  2,000 £ > invest now order easily, safely, £ bank to bank or by credit card Purchase Now via … Read more

Posh or not

Castel de Brames

How to be seriously POSH, really chic, really stylish? How to show your guests real, exclusive class, real style.🥰 Offer your dinner guest a truly 🍷rare wine🍷 and have a painting of the place of origin on your dinning room wall. I have an impressive collection of available paintings How to show your guests real, … Read more

Money Fraud

ATTENTION this is for real, not a joke. Money, fraud, someone has created a  false Facebook page  masquerading as me and is asking for money. Note please, I WILL NEVER ASK FOR MONEY via any online website and that includes Facebook from a private individual, never, ever.  If you get a request please copy it to me including … Read more

Sunset paintings

Spectacular sunsets continue with the heat wave and drought. Sunsets are impossible to paint on location, difficult I do right away, the impossible takes a bit longer often producing spectacular results. An outstanding landscape painting measuring by any standards, dimensions 47 x 62 cm (18,5″ x 24,5″) yours for 2,000 £ via my website. Discover … Read more

Wet on wet

Wet on wet painting, never before have I shown you a series of pictures so closely following the development of a painting. 81 x 51 cm (32″ x 20″), oils, available for sale. “La rivière Vilaine, le lever du soleil, le premier jour du printemps.” Wet on wet Vilaine Sunrise (C) an unfinished painting, one … Read more