Golden Days

‘Golden Days’ This fine #painting seems to me appropriate as friends close ranks and keep in touch more these days. This enchanted #painting, #Goldendays that so many people relate to is an absolute bargain < available, £2,000., measures 61 x 91 cm (24″ x 36″) ~ 🙂 Discover more at Purchase Now with Paypal or bank … Read more

Surprising wine

France’s most surprising wine, Gaillac wine; secret, seductive, at the heart of old l’Occitane, ~ “The Gaillac Collection“.   Welcome aboard: introducing a region many call “a paradise on Earth” with wines and foods to match. Some surprising paintings too !   Page thoroughly updated

A rare chance

A bit of fun, a rare chance to view…
This morning I visited the elegant chateau de Saurs with my painting at the request of the owner.
He has asked that I leave my painting in his reception for visitors to enjoy and possibly acquire.
Chateau de Saurs foyer with my painting
We can do this as it is unlikely I’ll re exhibit The Gaillac Collection before next summer.
Château de Saurs
As yet I don’t even have a venue in mind so there is an opportunity for you !

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Christmas Spirit

What did you do today?

Today I revisited Castel de Brames near Gaillac.

Ces images sont un vrai cadeau de Noël, et sous le sapin de Noël …” ~ meaning ?

Thus the story of my day begins to unfold …

For years the proprietor, Alain Boullenger has invited local artists to create a design for his wine bottle labels.

He has a collection of the bottles.

Castel de Brames, Alian Boullenger

Alain had not asked me for a wine label design.

When I tentatively mentioned this he said he asked local artists but could not ask a “great artist“.

I was nonplussed.

L'Occitaine, Castel de Brames
Hyperlink to the painting page > Castel de Brames

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Saint Emilion

One of my all time favourite villages of Bordeaux, beautiful, good people, fine wines and good food, who can ask for more?

At Saint Emilion

Nothing to ‘wine’ about here at beautiful St Emilion.

Saint Emilion, Tour de Roi

Having painted here many times, I could if asked, easily put up an exhibition.

You can discover these rare paintings via my Saint Emilion page

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Hot Rain

It’s August, really? Painting hot rain in France, where I am it feels more like a warm April, sunshine, flowers and showers all this month… You can find this remarkable painting, made with determination while I was rained on, as an experiment to see what would result, on location in SW France. Discover more of … Read more

Update, Gaillac

“The Port of Gaillac 1863” measures 200 x 100 cm (39″ x 60″), by Gordon Frickers, the page and the ‘Further Reading’ page, updated. A major painting, a major effort, these pages contain much information not readily available elsewhere.…/gaill…/the-port-of-gaillac-1863-2/ Sold, this painting was commissioned as a foyer centre piece for the Museum ‘inVINcible VIGNEron‘ … Read more

Wine Region, Gaillac

Vin du Coq was the brand mark on the barrels of Gaillac wines from the benevolent Tarn.

Gaillac Wine region page updated :

Chateau Las Tours
Chateau Las Tours, painting

?? Gaillac, secret, seductive, at the heart of old l’Occitane, ~ “The Gaillac Collection” ??.
Welcome aboard: introducing a region many call “a paradise on Earth”.
Dream of a benevolent micro climate it is is noted for its exceptionally beautiful landscapes, gourmet foods, a wide variety of produce and increasingly, Vin du Coq, Gaillac Wines.

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