Vin du Coq

Vin-du-Coq poster, Gaillac

Vin du Coq; do you know, the symbol of #Gaillac #wine is a cockerel? Maybe you know I have numerous spectacular Gaillac paintings available? All created in and around Gaillac S W France on my website. Refresh yourself  Vin du Coq Vin du coq, very good #wine though it is, this doesn’t translate quite as the Gaillacois intended … Read more

A vine new time?

HRH Queen Elizabeth when visiting Cordes sur Ciel was served wine chosen from the domain de la Chanade.

Cordes sur Ciel

I feel privileged and complimented to have been asked to photograph this season’s production of wines at the Famous domain de la Chanade.

Domain de la Chanade

Actually, a story for another time maybe,  I first met the owner, Christian, in a Gaillac supermarket when we where both buying fruit and veggies

Domain de la Chanade, production,

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Champagne, origins

Gaillac and Castel de Brames have several surprises for the world.
Only the Champagne department, is allowed by law to call its wines Champagne.
However, at Castel de Brames, Alain Boullenger makes fine a sparking wine using the ancient method from which Champagne originated.
In his gift box given to me, Alain has included 2 bottles for lucky me 😀!
The origins of Champagne…
Long ago there was a monk who worked with the Gaillac wines at the Abbaye Saint Michele ….
about Champagne
Abbaye Saint Michel, Gaillac

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Christmas Spirit

What did you do today?

Today I revisited Castel de Brames near Gaillac.

Ces images sont un vrai cadeau de Noël, et sous le sapin de Noël …” ~ meaning ?

Thus the story of my day begins to unfold …

For years the proprietor, Alain Boullenger has invited local artists to create a design for his wine bottle labels.

He has a collection of the bottles.

Castel de Brames, Alian Boullenger

Alain had not asked me for a wine label design.

When I tentatively mentioned this he said he asked local artists but could not ask a “great artist“.

I was nonplussed.

L'Occitaine, Castel de Brames
Hyperlink to the painting page > Castel de Brames

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Finest wines in France?

Castel de Brames, I re sampled the wines very recently and have just updated my website page, sample and enjoy !

L'Occitaine, Castel de Brames
Castel de Brames

I genuinely thought the wines 2017 and 18 vintages are the best yet and notice their price has doubled to around 8 Euros a bottle; good.
That can only help the value of my painting !

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Wine and sunshine

‘ve been visiting some chateaux and domaines, in brilliant sunshine, it’s even quiet warm here.
I’m catching up with the news, friends and have bought a few bottles mostly for gifts.
i’ll visit a few more and beautiful Albi next week before I point my bow for home.
Today I’m going to Toulouse for a ‘business’ meeting with a representative of the Toulouse Business Exchange’.
This will be fun and interesting.
Wish me luck?
Château de Saurs, Gaillac
My painting shown here is of Château de Saurs, Gaillac,76 x 121 cm (30″ x 48″).

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