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Welcome , Gordon Frickers has explored much of Britain, the French coastline , several wine regions, Israel and a few other lands a voyage that continues into tomorrow …

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Gordon Frickers painting the Pyrenees
Gordon Frickers painting the Pyrenees (not all of them)

The subjects include portraits, coastal studies and landscape paintings including of the far away Holy Land, Israel.

Saint Michael's Mount
Brittany Landscapes


Jerusalem, the site of David's city circa 1984
Israel landscapes


Odd Socks
Oddities and abstracts
Cote d’azur
St Michael's Mount (2)
St Michael’s Mount (2) (sold)
Plage des nudistes Meneham
Plage des nudistes Meneham (Available, £950.)
Roche-Bernard sunset 12.03.16
Roche-Bernard sunset 12.03.16 (sold)


Mermaids Pool, Kynance Cove
English Landscapes
Vendee landscapes
Vendee landscapes

SW France, landscapes:

Many of these highly original landscapes represent a search for particular qualities and effects, from his early days as a painter to time spent at the Painting School of Montmiral and beyond, into the future.


Valley of the Vere, link to page
Valley of the Vere, link to page

(Available, £6500.)

Tree, Woodland and Forest Collection
Tree, Woodland and Forest Collection

(Available, £1500.)


Results emerged with many ‘colour surprises’, challenging accepted ideas of vision based on 3 primaries.

Besides being very pleasing paintings, on closer examination these pictures raise many unanswered questions about the nature of colour vision.


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