Wine Region, Gaillac

Vin du Coq was the brand mark on the barrels of Gaillac wines from the benevolent Tarn.

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Chateau Las Tours
Chateau Las Tours, painting

?? Gaillac, secret, seductive, at the heart of old l’Occitane, ~ “The Gaillac Collection” ??.
Welcome aboard: introducing a region many call “a paradise on Earth”.
Dream of a benevolent micro climate it is is noted for its exceptionally beautiful landscapes, gourmet foods, a wide variety of produce and increasingly, Vin du Coq, Gaillac Wines.

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Forest fires?

“Foret de Sevens”, Forbidden, Picking of Wild Mushrooms. Painting made on location in this, one of the two most ancient forests in France,  Tarn province, measures 50 x 40 cm, (19¾” x 15¾”), oils, price £2000.00 ex studio, ex frame. See…/forest-…/forbidden-wild-mushrooms/ “These paintings are more than a match for anything in the Musee d’Orsay” ~ … Read more

Contrasting Castles

A tale of two contrasting castles, part of my last months adventures, to share with you.
I visited the [ruined] castle at Tonbridge in central Kent, at one time said to be one of the strongest in England.
By contrast, Scotney Castle was built as a picturesque folly.
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You can still see them on my Facebook page
The site is a pleasant, graceful, park, with an interesting although not dramatic history.
Access is free.

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