Website news

Special notice.🤩🥳 
Website news, is being moved in it’s entirety to a new host. , all 700 Plus pages is being put to sleep, is going offline.
This website of marine and aviation paintings is a rich source of information some of it unique, and available to everyone.
This site is sometimes used by schools and other educational resources.
This is a part of a modernisation project for the site which was founded in 1998 which makes it one of the most established websites on the Internet.
Among the objectives to benefit visitors are to improve the down load speed and help search engines to find it more easily.
I’ll announce when it reopens.
This also explains why as some of you will have noticed my  blog has been little used recently & malfunctioning.
I thank you most sincerely for your patience and support.😊⚓
Gordon Frickers
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