A vine new time?

HRH Queen Elizabeth when visiting Cordes sur Ciel was served wine chosen from the domain de la Chanade.

Cordes sur Ciel

I feel privileged and complimented to have been asked to photograph this season’s production of wines at the Famous domain de la Chanade.

Domain de la Chanade

Actually, a story for another time maybe,  I first met the owner, Christian, in a Gaillac supermarket when we where both buying fruit and veggies

Domain de la Chanade, production,

The Chanade is a picturesque 4.5 kilometres drive from the world famous Cordes sur Ciel which receives over a million visitors per year, 16 from Gaillac and 26 from the UNESCO world heritage town of Albi.

Domain de la Chanade, production

La Chanade is a 40-hectare property on the Cordes plateau 320 meters above sea level where the clay-limestone soil and sunny climate promotes the development of the vine.


Domain de la Chanade, grapes

The harvest this year, a good one, was harder work than usual having to be made super fast owing to the very unusual weather conditions of this year 2020.


With very attentive cultivation, Christian and his son Jillian are producing a range of fine wines which include a sweet white to rival any Sauternes or Cadillac and a sparkling white proven fit for a queen.

The vineyards of Gaillac are among the oldest in France.

Domain de la Chanade, men at work, Julian de la Chanade
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