Finest wines in France?

Castel de Brames, I re sampled the wines very recently and have just updated my website page, sample and enjoy !

L'Occitaine, Castel de Brames
Castel de Brames

I genuinely thought the wines 2017 and 18 vintages are the best yet and notice their price has doubled to around 8 Euros a bottle; good.
That can only help the value of my painting !

Castel de Brames produces wines from some of the oldest stock of vines in all France.

vines of Castel de Brames
Castel de Brames vines

The roots literally go directly back to Phoenician and Roman times; very special.

Castel de Brames, a detail

You simply can’t find these wines anywhere else, thus I bought some, they are

By the way, I plan to go back to Gaillac for Christmas, leaving on Monday.

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