A rare chance

A bit of fun, a rare chance to view…
This morning I visited the elegant chateau de Saurs with my painting at the request of the owner.
He has asked that I leave my painting in his reception for visitors to enjoy and possibly acquire.
Chateau de Saurs foyer with my painting
We can do this as it is unlikely I’ll re exhibit The Gaillac Collection https://artfrickers.com/s-w-france/gaillac/ before next summer.
Château de Saurs
As yet I don’t even have a venue in mind so there is an opportunity for you !

“more than a match for anything in the Musee d’Orsay” said Alain Soreano of Gaillac, author and historian when opening my exhibition at the Centre Culturale, Gaillac, December 2016.
If one wishes to buy, which can be arranged in instalments, his staff will put the lucky purchaser directly in touch with me.
This signature appears on all my more recent paintings.
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