Trees, impossible?

Here’s something to cheer us up, this delightful painting, while we are thinking of the terrible forest fires in Australia and California, with deepest sympathy for the victims, their families and so many animals…
Trees in a Breeze
Trees in a Breeze [3]
One of my “Forest Project”, a remarkable colour experiment series made on location SW #France.
Trees in a Breeze [3], available, £2000.
Never as yet exhibited…
How to see the wood from the #trees?
Given it’s impossible to accurately paint of photograph any tree…
Given the mixed blessing of my highly original colour vision [miss named ‘colour blindness’], a quality I share with some of history’s most famous artists I decided on taking a large risk I was willing, prepared to learn & fail.
The results are astonishing, highly individual.
Never yet exhibited, discover more at
This signature appears on all my more recent paintings.Trees
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