Let the music play

National Fetes du Musique day and night here in France. Fete du musique 21.06.18 IMG_3806
Every town and many villages have a day for music, some like Antibes take 3 days to party.
Did you know France has a government department devoted to “quality of life”.
The music fest is one of their ideas in action.
Can you imaging the British government, Tory or Labour ever having a department like that? 

This unfinished painting, measuring 61 x 915 cm (24″ x 36″), oils, available.
An attempt in progress to convey something of one of the most spontaneous, craziest afternoons I’ve enjoyed, one of the most spontaneous craziest, most amicable afternoons I’ve bee fortunate, privileged enjoy ~ and share with you here.
The Fete du Vin at Sauveterre-de-Guyenne, Gironde.

My plan is to keep this ‘impossible’ picture loose, colourful, warm, noisy with a minimum of detail as was the event.
The painting should really be accompanied by full volume music.
This one was inspired by ‘L’encantada’, ‘Los de Bronce’ and similar by Los Musaicos, banda du canton de Targon…

The web site page for this painting is https://artfrickers.com/…/sauveterre-de-guyenne-fete-du-vins/

GF-Sig-Dear-Joe d

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