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Price list, to Commission, marine or landscape, a simple solution and guide

A fun and fascinating experience for you; by the way did you know commissioning from be can be a justifiable business expense?

~ To commission a painting all you have to do is ask for details from Gordon Frickers ~

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    Gordon Frickers
    Gordon Frickers

Prices ~ value for money

Approximate Sizes and Prices (watercolours are 15 % less)

Note please: final figure to be agreed, depending on the complexity of the painting required, for example a port scene may be more complex.

Some very special paintings are for good reasons a lot more expensive, notably ‘The Nelson & Trafalgar Collection’, ‘The Port of Gaillac 1863’ and similar, overall these prices represent excellent value, a very sound investment for you to make.

Approximate size Approximate size Prices from
cms inches Oils on canvas board
30×45 12×18 £750.00
40×60 16×24 £950.00
50×80 20×32 £1,800
60×90 24×36 £2,500
70×100 28×42 £4,000
75×122 30×48 £6,000

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Copyright 2018 fees and our Terms are among the most generous on the Internet, don’t hesitate to ask for details.

Our Guarantee
Our terms are among the very few on any web sites that properly protect you, my client.
Buy from a dedicated artist- buy from a reputable, established artist direct from his studio.


“The composition and the quality of your painting is quite simply stunning and has deeply impressed everyone who has seen it.
The detail, lighting and colours deserve particular attention; the inclusion of another CMS vessel in the background is a delightful touch as is the choice of venue”

T.C. Hart, Managing Director of Coe Metcalf Shipping Ltd, who was presented with a painting for his company services by British Telecom Marine.

Captain J. B. Simkins when Managing Director of Caledonian MacBrayne, after commissioning a series of paintings from Gordon Frickers said, “very professional“.

You can see some of the paintings in the saloons of ships Clansman, Hebrides and Loch Nevis.

Your budget

We appreciate all clients have a budget which includes cost and time.
We understand keeping to a budget.
Clients are consulted where unusual costs may be incurred.

You have a time frame? Please get started as soon as possible, that helps us both.

  • Is you budget less or more than here?
  • Price ranges are a guide.
    The pictures are highly individual, varied & personal so best to contact us.
  • Final figures depend on complexity.
  • Prices are ex studio, ex frame.
  • All sizes are approximate unless specifically agreed.

If you are looking for the best in 21 st century art, a pleasure to see on your wall, impressive, a timeless subject, a sound investment, you have found it here:

Contact US 

T:+ 44 (0)1865 52 2435 ~

 E: Important ! please substitute ‘at’ for @:

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Payments may be made by instalments.

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