Of very rare wines…

Castel de Brames, almost completed, this painting is one of the “Gaillac, Surprising Vines” series.

Castel de Brames 07.08.16
Castel de Brames 07.08.16

The painting will be finished next month on location.
Castel de Brames, presque terminé, cette peinture est l’un des «Gaillac, Vines surprenants” série.
Le plan est la peinture sera terminée le mois prochain sur place.

Found in the south west of this historic wine-producing region near the bastide port of Lisle-sur-Tarn, Castel de Brames, meaning in the southern pre French language of L’Occitaine ‘fortified place where it rains’ or ‘where there is water’ offers some very rare wines, whites and reds.
Why are they rare?
The vineyards grow three ancient varieties only found in the Gaillac region.
One makes a white Perle Tradition wine, slightly sparkling, said to have inspired champagne, a clear, bright light yellow colour with green tints. It has a delicate and fruity aroma, a delightful wine with a crisp, dry flavours and a refreshing finish.

Castel de Brames (detail 1) 07.08.16
Castel de Brames (detail 1) 07.08.16

The red varieties include a vine thought to be semi wild and another that gave birth to the immensely popular cabernet-sauvignon.
Here you can sample a wine from the same grapes the Romans would have used…

Castel de Brames (detail 2) 07.08.16
Castel de Brames (detail 2) 07.08.16

I’ll tell you more on my web site, soon, watch for the blog entry and on pagehttps://artfrickers.com/gaillac/castel-de-brames/
Meanwhile, it’s summer, if you can drive to Gaillac and try for yourself, direct from the producteur, these memorable distinctive wines.

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