Sauternes soon?

Painting in and around Sauternes, with a bit of luck and a following wind I’ll be back for more painting for my ‘Famous Wine Villages of Bordeaux’ series, quite soon.
Here are a few examples for you to enjoy, made at Sauternes, some are still available from my web site, payment by credit card or bank to bank.
La Mairie de Sauternes, on of my ‘Famous Wine Villages of Bordeaux’ series.


Sautenes, l’Auberge


Sauternes Essential Mists
Painting Sauternes
Sauternes Sunrise,

I will never forget my visits to make paintings at Sauternes nor the hospitality and the the fun we had together Dr JeanmichelDescamps mayor of Sautenes and the lovely Isabelle Descamps,

Little house of Isabelle

I thank you both.


Debudos, Sauternes
Fortress Debudos, Sauternes


This distinctive signature appears on all my more recent paintings.


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