Very Vine Weather

I’m at Castelnau de Montmiral focused on preparing paintings for “Gaillac Surprising Vines”.IMG_7381

We in the Dept du Tarn (Gaillac region) are enjoying fine weather, temperatures around 25 to 28, (77 to 82 F) cool breezes, perfect for getting a tan & working out doors which I’m doing. IMG_7382
By the way, the locals had voted to have the ancient regional name restored, L’Occitaine, a name that comes complete with it’s own language. IMG_7383
Tell you more when I can, meanwhile here are some photos for you to enjoy.IMG_7389
The sunsets were taken from the same location from which I painted my sunset series.Sunset 27.06.16 IMG_7393

I thought painting the brilliant sunsets we have here impossible, so I gave it a try, ‘plien aire’ of course, I’ve included 2 examples for your consideration, more on my web site page

8 August Sunset CdM
8 August Sunset CdM

01 August  sunset D IMG_1738

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