First day of spring today or so I’m told.

Not such good weather today, two clouds in our sky.

My home & studio

Still, good light for painting so here is a design I’m working on, one for my Café Culture series.

In Saint-Christoly-Médoc, Roberte Pataluch, 78, has been running the Sports Café for 57 years.

A real passion.

In this wine and fishing village the Sports Café is an institution.

The Café was named for the sports field which used to host 2 or 3 games of football every week.

The field remains, little used now.

Roberte Pataluch, only opens her establishment in the summer .

With its five tables placed at the foot of the estuarine port, it has met with great success .

She wouldn’t leave her place for the world, “I am not hiring anyone because it is my little happiness and I live it alone  !” she confides.

Sports Café
Gordon Frickers art signature
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.
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