fête des vins

Completed ! Painting a typically vivant fête des vins, Sauveterre, Entre Deux Mers, Bordeaux region of France !

fête des vins,
Fête des vins

61 x 915 cm (24″ x 36″), available £/€ 1500.

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Painting sound, a ‘sound’ investment ! :

with the vivant Mediterranean music by Los Musaicos, everything except the unforgettable sounds!

I was aware there was a festival, unaware I’d be invited into the middle of it and quite unable to leave for  a very merry 5 hours, unaware it was a wine festival.

Sauveterre-de-Guyenne :

The mayor said to me, “you can speak English if you wish. This town changed hands so many times during the 100 Years War we speak both languages“.

‘Entre Deux Mers’ (the land between two rivers), a picturesque walled town in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region.

A few years back, an unexpected adventure, typical of my artist life, en route Gaillac to Saint Emilion I stopped for what I thought would be a brief lunch at Sauveterre-de-Guyenne in  Entre deux Mers, Bordeaux department.

Asked to join the company, offered copious amounts of wine I tried to explain I still had an hour’s drive ahead of me.

I was told “Don’t worry, the chief of police was present and said he had made sure all his men were off duty“; now there is a man who understands law enforcement.

Discover more on my website page Sauveterre, fête des vins.

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