In agreement with Geoff Day who wrote on the Rift in Brittany page of Facebook, by way of being ‘helpful’, I added…
Regarding Napoleon / Wellington, I agree with you 100 %.
I’ve also found it helpful to disclaim English involvement in the 100 years war🤪.
I tell French acquaintances, it was the French (that goes down well in l’Occitane and most of western France including Brittany🙂) fighting the Plantagenets & Gascons (all ‘French’ peoples now…) and all due to the Norman uninvited invasion of England.

Nothing to do with real Englishmen except a few mercenaries.
I find that stops the conversation 😶
While they are looking puzzled, one can then swiftly moved to another subject. 🙂.
Seriously though, I have only encountered in some 22 years of visiting and now living in France, 1 Frenchman who was still trying to fight the 100 years war (which they won).
His mates said “don’t mind him, he’s a bit crazy”.
On the other hand I’ve found much ignorant anti-French sentiment in England among people who have never visited France 🤨.
Vive la belle France (and the French) !I 🇫🇷
Ohhh yes, and my painting here is of the fabulous Carcassonne.
Carcassonne, a detail
Simply the most famous, most fabulous monument between Monte Carlo and Bordeaux.
76 x 121 cm (30″ x 48″), £2,500.
Any reputable gallery would be delighted to offer this painting for this price… 🙂
For better images and story, my Carcassonne website page for more on this is :
Carcassonne, tourist information office :


Gordon Frickers art signature
This Gordon Frickers art signature is on all my more recent paintings.
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