The Pittsburgh massacre

How has Britain has honoured victims of the #Pittsburgh massacre?
Within living memory of the Holocaust, we still live in a world where antisemitism exists, deadly attacks on Jews take place. 

First the bad news, then some rays of hope. 

There is rampant antisemitism in Britain today.
It has penetrated to governments, police, courts, local and national.
The Labour Party is riddled with it like a pox and it is spreading.
The UK #Labour leader #Corbyn denies he honoured in 2014, Munich terrorists. He admits he was present, hard to deny, there are photographs … ~ He was there wreath-laying. Draw your own conclusions?
The Party head admits he attended the wreath-laying ceremony for Palestinian masterminds of 1972 Olympics massacre, but doesn’t think he ‘was actually involved in it’.
If you will believe that you will believe anything.
You want this man for the next British P M?
The Labour leader has been accused of allowing antisemitism to take root in the party.
He seems to be playing a double game, permitting antisemitism often disguised as criticism of Israel and Zionism while denying he and his people are antisemitic.
The British Jewish community, if anyone would know they the victims would know, far from agreeing with him strongly condemn him.
Better, from news Oct 31, 2018, a few quotes from the press:
Theresa May [Prime Minister] said in a statement: “I’m deeply shocked by the reports of a shooting at a synagogue in the US today”.
“Our thoughts are with the Jewish community in Pittsburgh and all those affected by this sickening and cowardly act.”
Meanwhile, Chancellor Philip Hammond used his Budget speech to pledge £1.7 million towards Holocaust education to mark 75 years since the liberation of Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, whilst making reference to Saturday’s anti-Semitic shooting in Pittsburgh. He said, “The battle against anti-Semitism did not end with the defeat of Nazi Germany”.
Home Secretary Sajid Javid, speaking at a special vigil in London, hosted by the Jewish community, said, “This virus of Antisemitism doesn’t recognise borders; an attack on one part of the Jewish community is an attack on all, just as an attack on any British community is an attack on the whole country and the values that we all stand for”.
The Home Secretary gave assurances that the Pittsburgh attack has not changed the threat nature here in the UK, but said that official threat level on Israeli and Jewish targets in the UK remains set at “severe” – the same level as the wider threat to the UK from international terrorism.
The Jewish community
Also at the London event, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis reminded the audience that “indifference” needed to be avoided at all costs.
He called for Jews throughout the world to take part in their own synagogue services this weekend.
“Let’s all go to shul next Shabbes”, he urged. “Nothing will keep us away”.
The Board of Deputies president, Marie van der Zyl, opened the evening with a sombre message to Pittsburgh Jews of “love and solidarity”, but reminded her audience that “what begins with the Jews never ends with the Jews”. Such an attack, she warned, was “an attack on all of us”.
The Church
The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said: “We stand together in deep sorrow and prayer with Jewish people everywhere as they mourn the victims of the Pittsburgh attacks. Such hatred is found globally and historically and must be resisted globally and eternally.”
Chelsea Football Club received over 5,000 Likes on their Tweet offering thoughts and prayers for the victims and all those affected by the attack. The London-based club has made great effort over the past few months to speak out against anti-Semitism as part of a special campaign. In February, owner, Roman Abramovich, dedicated a match to victims of the Holocaust and invited a Holocaust survivor to share their story to the first-team players.
History shows us the British are a very remarkable people, at their best in adversity.
It would be unwise to write off your British allies and friends.
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