Climate change painting

Climate change painting or just unusually cold weather this week?

Here’s a spectacular sunset painted on location to seriously warm you!

Climate change sunset
Painting on location a brilliant sunset.

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Climate change

as I understand it is based upon the predictions were first made by Plymouth Marine Laboratory, soon followed by Wood’s Hole Laboratory (USA) about 40 years astern.
People laughed and scoffed.

Today the initial timescale of 2 to 300 years has been revised to 50 to 100 years.
As for the chances of global co-operation for reducing, even reversing the effects which we are beginning to see with our own eyes and hear about from climate sensitive industries like farming, wine production and fishing, to be realistic the chances of that happening effectively are nil.

One only has to follow in general what is happening in South America, the Far East and Africa to see that huge regions are being decimated for profit caused by a combination of greed & the survival of a uncontrolled, rapidly expanding world population.

Add to that equation the maniacal greed of the energy barons, who seize gleefully any excuse to drive up prices for their own benefit.
These are the people responsible for most of the inflation since World War II that continues to impoverish the poor and inhibit governments.
Our only realistic chance as a species is to arrest the power of the energy barons.
There continues war provocative behaviour by many senior politicians who still harbour 18th century and earlier illusions of grandeur, the Iranian regime, Taliban, Russian government, Chinese, N. Koreans, Pakistanis and many in less high profile countries.
To persecute the public with demands to reduce carbon output is just scratching at fleas so long as world industries continue to act without responsibility.

Climate change

irresponsibility is not going to change in countries as far apart as China and Brazil.
Adaptions like renewable farming & electric cars are a step in the right direction but not the answer due to the unsustainable cost of making batteries.
The biggest villains are primarily OPEC, gas, electricity producers and so long as they remain unchecked, the save the planet equations ends with zero, nil, nada, rien.
There is clearly danger in the oceans, “the answer my friends, is blowing in the wind”.

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