Israel paintings

Israel paintings of mine come to my mind as the festival of Chanukah approaches.

We will be celebrating light and freedom, a beautiful occasion, Israel is more in my thoughts.
À l’approche de la fête de Hanoukka 🕎, célébrant la lumière et la liberté, une belle occasion, ma série de peintures d’Israël est plus présente dans mes pensées.
Paintings of Avdat in Israel
Avdat, Sinai desert, Israel

81 x 50.5 cm (24″ x 20″) this painting is a timeless investment for 1250 £ painting & shows Avdat in southern Israel.

Israel was barren, desolate, underpopulated”, this wasteland is confirmed in writings of visitors like Napoleon Bonaparte & Mark Twain, in 19th century #paintings & photographs.
Israël était stérile, désolé, sous-peuplé”, ce désert est confirmé dans les écrits de visiteurs comme Napoléon Bonaparte et Mark Twain, #peintures et photographies du XIXe siècle.
As the Ottoman Empire declined Jewish people decided there was at last a real opportunity to return to redevelop their historic homeland land.
Alors que l’Empire ottoman déclinait, le peuple juif a décidé qu’il y avait enfin une réelle opportunité de revenir pour redévelopper sa patrie historique.
Of my own 1st visit (1984) (see…/israel-landscapes/ one can see how underdeveloped Israel was.
My painting skills have also developed over many years.
I sometimes dream of an opportunity to return ✈️🛬and paint 🎨 anew in beautiful historic Israel, lack of funds, sponsor or patrons conspires to arrest that wish.🙂🕎⚓️
This signature is on all my more recent paintings ©.
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