Passover, Pesach,

To my many Jewish friends who celebrated the first night of this beautiful commemoration of escape from slavery to freedom last night I wish you chag Pesach, chag semare, gut yom tov.

Jerusalem and the site of David's city, circa 1984
Jerusalem and the site of David’s city, circa 1984

This rare painting measures 61 x 91 cms (24″ x 36″), oils on canvas, would suit a sophisticated private collection, hotel, or restaurant, available, £12,000.
And Thou Shall Tell Thy Son In That Day Saying: It Is Because Of That Which The Lord Did For Me When I Came Forth Out Of Egypt” Exodus xiii, 8;
This year I was not so fortunate, next year in Jerusalem!

I’d been painting during the morning, unable to celebrate Passover last night, I decided such a beautiful day deserves celebrating so did so in my own nautical way.
Rather than divide the waters as my ancestor Moses did, I took us, my boat, a Wayfarer, ‘E V’ and I, sailing to a light SW breeze under an azure sky.IMG_9812

A watch, underpants (to much information?) and shorts, yesterday afternoon. 25 + C (77 F) was all I needed while sailing barefoot on a day more like high summer than mid spring, sailing on the river Vilaine, one of the cleanest rivers in Europe.IMG_9817

Tragic, my trailer lights would not work so no time for a beer in the restaurant jardin, de rigg and head for my nearby home before dusk.
 Yesterday I sailed alone, like to join me next time?

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