Whats new for 2017?

Escape from paper work and computers, I’m beginning a new painting, measuring a healthy 1.0 x 1.22 m(40″ x 48″) the likely price will be a modest £6,000. Odd Socks 16.03.17 IMG_9771
Well in truth,I have several new paintings almost ready to get under way, this one being the most abstract.
Can you guess what this painting will be and why?

Other new paintings in the next few months will include two more for the Gaillac & SW series, more for the Bordeaux series to replace those sold.
On the high seas, a new ‘Mayflower‘ painting, a large one of the new replica Frigate ‘Hermione‘, and ‘HMS Racehorse‘ for a new book currently being written by a friend of mine.
Ideally I’d also like to paint one of the new generation Vendee Globe yachts in action, they are SOOOOO spectacular.
It seems the older I get, the more skillful I become, the more I have to do…
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