Saga of woe think they have resolved the problem, yet remains off line as does email to….
Imagine my reaction to that? 
It stops me painting while I have to sort it out…IMG_6242
Here for your amusement itiz.
Sir/ Madame,

I am writing to you regarding your case number #00872961: – Domain expired.
This issue has not, repeat not, been resolved.
As I write, neither my web site or email has been resuscitated, resurrected, restored or respected…
I remain unhappy.
Yes please investigate for everyone’s sake.
There were several issues highlighted.
So far the only ‘benefit’ I’ve had from this is a series of semi amusing posts on Twitter and Facebook.
As a ‘mitzpah’ (good deed) I’d be willing to make sure the errors in your system are identified and advise from a customer perspective.
That is a better offer than you might think.
I am well qualified for such a task, with expertise in writing including for the Internet which is quite different from ‘normal’ writing because of the way people read, graphic design, marketing and a degree that says I’m a specialist with “Visual Communication”, in particular photography for advertising, fashion and press.
It follows, I know my way around the mass media.
Gordon Frickers, artist, painter
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