#Planetdomain one of our web sites is missing.
A miss understanding, a cancelled credit card not replaced quickly and sloth of means is off line, suspended.
My other site, is unaffected, still open for your pleasure, to entertain, inform and inspire you. remains off line, that is until I can get a solution sorted.
The story so far, have failed to respond in any way to my messages and there UK agent has ‘washed their hands’, not my problem attitude…
Messages advising me a renewal fee was due looked like spam, very poorly presented.
I was ‘busy’ so they were filed for later inspection…
Besides which, as far as I knew the payment was set to be made automatically.
So why should I worry?
Turns out I should have worried !
When I did go to the #planetdomain web site what did I find?
Firstly the passwords failed so had to be reset.
I was able to update with a new credit card then found no phone number, no direct email address and a site confusing to navigate.
I sent messages using their ‘system’.
I’ve only had useless auto replies…
I will succeed in reinstating the web site but…
Methinks are very likely to loose a customer.
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